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Our aim is to gain independence for Cornwall, in order to improve the way we are governed. We believe in an inclusive citizenship, which embraces and celebrates the fact that everyone who chooses to make Cornwall their home – regardless of their background – are full citizens of the new Cornwall.


Our group will promote independence for Cornwall through a range of activities, to make the case that Cornwall, like so many other nations throughout the world, would be better running its own affairs, as part of a wider European and international family. Our organisation is open to all who believe in independence for Cornwall.



In January 1959, the Times newspaper of London wrote: “Malta cannot live on its own…the island could only pay for one fifth of her food and essential imports; well over a quarter of the present labour force would be out of work and the economy of the country would collapse without British Treasury interventions. Talk of full independence for Malta is therefore hopelessly impractical.”


Malta achieved its independence on 21st September, 1964


The same has been said of Scotland and Wales where more and more are realising the truth.


Are the Isle of Man or any of the Channel Islands looking for increased rule from Westminster? – No, of course not!


Cornwall’s Gross Domestic Product


According to Cornwall Council’s Economy Monitoring Update, Cornwall’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP) is £12.3 billion. That is some $17,205,793.00 US dollars.


That’s bigger than the economies of over 75 independent and sovereign countries around the world including Jamaica ($14.78 bn), Mauritius ($13.27 bn), Malta (GDP $12.5 bn), the Bahamas ($12.16 bn GDP). Andorra ($3.01 bn) amongst many others. (source: ‘Worldometer’)


That’s also bigger than the economies of many completely autonomous and self-ruling territories including some found around the British Isles such as The Isle of Man (GDP $7.42 bn), Jersey (GDP $6.63 bn) and Guernsey (GDP $3.25 bn) (source: Governments of those Crown Dependencies)


These Crown Dependencies internally self-govern entirely looking to the present UK only for foreign affairs and defence.


Cornwall’s Population


Cornwall’s population is currently around 571,800.


That’s similar to that of Luxembourg and larger than the populations of no less than 64 independent and sovereign countries and autonomous territories of the world. (source: ‘Worldometer’)


Cornwall’s Geographic Size


Cornwall’s land area is 1,349 square miles which is 3,493.894 square kilometres.


That is larger than the land areas of some 75 independent and sovereign countries and autonomous territories of the world including Luxembourg (2,586 sq km), The Isle of Man (572 sq km), Andorra (468 sq km) and Malta (316 sq km) amongst others. (source: ‘Worldometer’)

Cornwall and the Duchy


Cornwall is a legally sovereign country, a Duchy just like Luxembourg. The Duke of Cornwall is our Head of State. It's his duty to defend our rights and protect our interests. The Duchy money is the Duke's salary for doing his job. For centuries, the Dukes have taken money from Cornwall and used it to buy valuable estates. Some of these as far away as Transylvania. It's time for Duke Charles to start earning his salary. He should stop treating Cornwall as a cash-cow for his grand designs. He must do his duty by us, and stop sabotaging our Cornish Parliament.


Government and Public Service Provision


Far too many decisions affecting Cornwall are imposed on us from hundreds of miles away and our voices and those of our elected representatives lost. Take planning for example. Decisions made in Cornwall are frequently over ruled by a Planning Inspectorate based in Bristol. The Cornwall Local Plan Hearings held a few years ago saw an Inspector sent down from Bristol who brushed aside local views and opinions even turning off the microphone when local councillors spoke denying them the right to represent the views of those who had voted for them. Meanwhile, local people were oppressively dealt with by security guards and ultimately developers and their expensive lawyers won the day. ALL public services and administration affecting Cornwall should be conducted here in Cornwall. That would restore democracy. The people of Cornwall are mature enough and intelligent enough to manage their own public services.


Stop ‘the killing of Cornwall’


In the October 2001 Business Age Magazine Kevin Cahill, an author and investigative journalist for the Sunday Times, wrote the ‘The Killing of Cornwall’ which outlined the extractive nature of Cornwall’s economy. In short, more money leaves Cornwall than ever returns. Taxes, VAT, profits, the list is endless. Cornwall needs to keep all its income and not allow vast sums to haemorrhage across the Tamar. Indeed, Cornwall Council’s gross income of just short of £1.93 billion is largely locally generated with the Westminster Government send a mere £81.367 million contribution (source: Cornwall Council). Cornwall’s unique Armorican geology means that there is vast wealth under our feet. So called ‘hot rocks’, lithium, tin and copper and other minerals in huge quantities with initial exploration already achieving impressive results but how much of the huge sums generated will stay here in Cornwall? We believe all of it should remain and be used here and invested to provide a better future for Cornwall. As it stands, huge sums will leave as was the case with North Sea oil and Scotland, and it will be used by a wasteful Westminster government to pay for vanity projects. Whilst dealing with the economy, let us firmly put to rest the offensive lie we so often read, that Cornish ‘idle’ ‘dole’ claimers depend on English tax payers’ generosity. In fact, Cornwall’s unemployed accounts for 4.1% of the available workforce compared to a Britain wide average of 4.6% (source: ONS/Nomis official labour market statistics Dec 2020)


The Future


We believe Cornwall’s future should follow the route already being taken by Scotland and Wales, the Isle of Man, Jersey and Guernsey. Indeed, support for an autonomous north of England and Yorkshire is fast growing. Our rich history and heritage have shown that we are capable of great things and can be again. A future free from the shackles of the dysfunctional and corrupt Westminster system is the best way ahead.

#IndyCornwall  #Anserghogeth

Email: yes.kernow@gmail.com   Facebook: @Yes Kernow



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